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The Ghost

A man with a secret…
Billionaire Casper Maxwell is haunted by the unsolved murders of his beloved parents twenty-five years ago. Inspired by the comic books he loved as a child, he spends his nights patrolling the city, stopping would-be assailants to avenge the death of his family and ensure no one else meets the same fate. But his passion for justice has driven him to a life of isolation. 

A woman who can read his mind…
Psychologist Genevieve Blake, an expert in childhood trauma, senses vulnerability behind Casper’s dark and brooding exterior. Her uncanny ability to see inside the minds of her patients gives her a window into his soul. Perhaps she can be the one to help him confront the shadows of his past, if she can bring herself to trust a man she knows is harboring a secret.

A child they would die to protect…
Seven year old Henry O’Connell has been mute since witnessing the death of his parents. Casper and Jenny must keep him safe and unlock the secrets he holds before the murderer can strike again.

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Into the Fire

Kick in the afterburners for a fighter pilot romance!  The first book in the Flyboys series introduces the brave pilots of the elite 28th fighter squadron.  

Ellie Sheridan’s new job as Youth Director on Langley Air Force Base was supposed to be a new start, a chance to heal her heart after a failed romance.  But during her first week she meets Kent “Smallville” Clarkson, a fighter pilot who risks his life every day in the cockpit of an F-22 Raptor. 

Despite his handsome looks and “Aw, shucks” old-fashioned charm, Kent has never been comfortable around women, but something about Ellie makes him feel at ease.  Stories of fighter pilots’ love-‘em-and-leave-‘em attitude make Ellie question whether Kent is as genuine as he seems.

Now a saboteur is causing the jets to crash, and has plans that will endanger Ellie, her Youth Center kids, and everyone on the base.  Can Kent steal Ellie’s heart before the saboteur steals her life?


Out of the Blue

The second book in the Flyboys series details the continuing story of the brave pilots of the elite 28th Fighter Squadron. 

Matty “Scorch” Sinclair is just coming off medical leave after a crash that left his body devastated and his F-22 Raptor a smoking pile of rubble. He’s hoping this spur of the moment trip to London will provide some much needed rest and recuperation.

Kelsey Daniels is saying goodbye to the glamorous world of air travel to settle down and finally find a man who values her. But on her last official trip as a flight attendant she encounters a figure from her past who had brought about a sexual awakening and never completely left her thoughts. 

When a terrorist plot to hijack the flight derails both of their plans and leaves them in mortal danger, they must come together and lead a revolt to try and retake the plane. Little do they know they are part of a much bigger plot that endangers not just the passengers of Oceanic Flight 122, but everyone below as well.


What My Heart Would Tell You

The Flyboys Historical series details the exploits of the brave pilots who risked their lives in the skies above Europe during World War II, and the equally courageous women who earned their hearts.

Stuck flying a crop duster in rural Kansas, Hank Clarkson knows he’s more than just a jilted lover and disappointment as a son. When an opportunity to fly fighters with the RAF materializes, Hank decides to risk his citizenship and his life for a chance to prove himself. But a shameful secret may again prevent him from achieving his dreams and finding love.

Cherry Spence is the spunky daughter of an aristocrat, whose keen mind and fluent German have led her to a job translating intercepted messages at the mysterious Bletchley Park. 

When fate brings Hank to Cherry’s rescue one hot afternoon, they both feel an immediate attraction, and enjoy stolen moments while the threat of German attack looms. As Hank battles deadly Nazi planes in the sky, Cherry uncovers a series of messages indicating a Nazi plot that could endanger Hank and the other fighter boys. Can she crack the code in time to save RAF pilot lives? Can Hank defy the odds and survive the Battle of Britain? And will the secrets they both keep prevent them from finding happiness in each other’s arms?