Amanda Page has been interested in romance novels since she started sneaking them from her mother's bookshelf in junior high.  She traded them with her friends, who referred to themselves as the "Naughty Book Club."  Romance novels whisked her away into Regency ballrooms, medieval castles, and steamy jungles.  But her favorites were always those that featured brave men in uniform.

Amanda was so captivated by these tales of military chivalry that her first job out of college was a child development specialist on Randolph Air Force Base.  After a year at Randolph she transferred to a position in Youth Programs at Langley Air Force Base and her fascination with fighter jets really took off.  Surrounded by the speed and power of these lethal machines, she set about to create stories reflecting the lives of the men who flew them.  The result was her "Flyboys" series.

Amanda lives with her three children and active duty Air Force husband, wherever he is stationed.