What My Heart Would Tell You


Great news! The first book in my new series, Flyboys Historical, is now available! If you enjoy historical romance, this one’s for you!

Stuck flying a crop duster in rural Kansas, Hank Clarkson knows he’s more than just a jilted lover and disappointment as a son. When an opportunity to fly fighters with the RAF materializes, Hank decides to risk his citizenship and his life for a chance to prove himself. But a shameful secret may again prevent him from achieving his dreams and finding love.

Cherry Spence is the spunky daughter of an aristocrat, whose keen mind and fluent German have led her to a job translating intercepted messages at the mysterious Bletchley Park.

When fate brings Hank to Cherry’s rescue one hot afternoon, they both feel an immediate attraction, and enjoy stolen moments while the threat of German attack looms. As Hank battles deadly Nazi planes in the sky, Cherry uncovers a series of messages indicating a Nazi plot that could endanger Hank and the other fighter boys. Can she crack the code in time to save RAF pilot lives? Can Hank defy the odds and survive the Battle of Britain? And will the secrets they both keep prevent them from finding happiness in each other’s arms?